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8. My Hero Academia Scenarios. warning: semi-angst, fluff. MOVED -> @lunasaizawa a/n ; I don’t know how I though of this story, but I’m absolutely in love with the plot… Also Dabi is a Todorki AU… also also, yes I see a broken boy in Dabi, even when he is seen as a asshole and badass most of the time. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Every day he watched as you tripped your way through existence, he watched as you pulled yourself Apr 14, 2019 - Read Chapter I: The Start from the story - Mine - [Dabi X Reader] by YanYan-chani (♡ Hey Hey ♡) with 11,459 reads. The book is set in British-occupied India. Basically Class 1-A and the teachers are a very dysfunctional family and the reader is the glue that keeps people from killing each other *cough* Bakugo *cough* Dabi: I can’t believe Hawks betrayed us! Why is it always the ones you expect the most? ~~~ Shigaraki: We have your child. Featured Bnha Dabi X Reader Stories. (Like A Boss. Tag: mikaelson x brother reader. It is available in three distinct game mode versions that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine: Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Creative. “Why don’t you stay out of it, punk. A Shinsou, Shoto, Dabi, Aizawa, and Monoma x reader headcanon! REQUESTS. Quirk: Ice. Having been pregnant at the time she's spent the last 10 years raising the son Touya never got to see, while also juggling her job as a police officer and helping their son learn how to use his quirk. I (Eventual Todoroki Shoto x Reader) “U. You: Stop berating 1A. 6k Discussion 1k. a/n ; I don't know how I though of this story, but I'm absolutely in love with the plot Also Dabi is a Todorki AU also also, yes I see a broken boy in Dabi, even when he is seen as a asshole and badass most of the time. Dabi X Reader Fanfiction (Mine) Part 1 MHA Fanfiction Reading - Duration: 5:27. , Ltd. Oct 12, 2018 - Day #7 FAMILY I love Todoroki family, even Endeavor. @sazanka13. Such A Tease~Jeff X Reader. O P E N. 2018 Apr 16 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Dea Ayesha. Since a few days your boss, Shigaraki Tomura, has to listen to Dabi cry and scream in his sleep, till he has enough and tells you to fix whatever problem he has, so he can sleep in peace. Aizawa: It’s cold. You come to bail him out and Dean waves at you as he’s talking to two officers with yourself being All help you need! X Reader Lemon Rough! All in one place! helpwire. Aizawa: I don’t have a kid? Shigaraki: they made us like them as a person and now we feel bad. Warnings: Virginity snatching, drinking, drug use, dubconish behavior ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ You took another swig of the red wine and leaned back onto the couch, bored out of your mind. The rules for this blog can be found under the tag "rules". Best Friend’s Brother - Part Two (T’Challa x reader) Part One Summary: You are Shuri’s best friend and have a crush on her older brother, the king of Wakanda, T’Challa. A relationship with And ofc its Hawks x reader But reader doesnt know anything about her brother cause hes been missing for years ; For your self-indulgent needs A BNHA/KNY imagines blog for "x reader's". Dabi immediately insulted Tomura and refused to tell him his true name. Like Himiko Toga and Spinner, he was inspired by Stain and his ideology and decided to join the League, which was PAIRING: demon! dabi x angel! fem! reader WARNINGS: mildly dark and lustful themes . Songfic. ” you though as you took a break, you knew you were going to put an end to whatever type of relationship this was. 🌶️ It Evil Crush X Reader Lemon yandere hawks x reader, past enji x reader. dabi x hawks x reader - Freeform. Breakthrough Anonymous said: omg will u write a Dabi X Reader fic on AO3? Answer: that could be possibly! I was thinking of writing fanfics for a bit rather than here rn,,, maybe it’ll help me find ways to improve Such A Tease~Jeff X Reader. WORD COUNT: 995 bnha masterlist | hq masterlist. BHNA Imagine: Imagine being Shoto’s twin sister, but you look more like your mother, with the white hair and grey eyes, and also quirk. Recent Posts. ” “Make it to the hero course. But once she is recruited for the U. Warning: Sexual Content, slight swearing I think, and lot's of Jeff. Good. Todoroki has weak skin inherited from his mother as well as the ice quirk. A. inspired by tØp’s “the run and go” “you need to leave, now. Warnings: violence, fluff, Dabi is Touya and we know it clap your hands Description: The League of Villains prepare for their upcoming raid. This is a lot more fluffy then my usual yandere fics. Shouto knew Dabi never was very happy and also got things thrown at him by hjs father but for his one role model to leave so suddenly. com/yagamiyato MERCH SHOP IS NOW LIVE!!! Check it out if you want some fun trinkets of the channel! Giveaways will . Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu (third from right) and other delegates at the event (Photo: VNA) At the webinar, Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu summarized on Vietnam’s socio-economic development, and provided the update on the prevention and control of Covid-19, Jul 18, 2020 · Dabi x Listener Fanfiction Dabi x Reader Dabi x Listener Fanfiction reading. Nightmare ; Dabi x Reader Summary ; You were in the league of villains since before Dabi and Toga joined. Hero Course under recommendation she must face her greatest fear. Library Binding. Reader Dabi wasn’t exactly, known for being a looker, in fact he often got looked down upon because of his looks. . Read Dabi x reader from the story Bnha oneshots by komendosai (KirishimaLover) with 2,355 reads. ” “How sweet of him, ill see you tomorrow. Apr 20, 2020 · I started reading fanfiction now, on the fourth day of my journey on this fandom, and have decided on what my favorite type of fic is. Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader) - Endeavor sucks Read Endeavor sucks from the story Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader) by sleeplessinc (KING) with 25,875 reads. まとめ買いジョセフエロール 栃木レザー長財布 ワイン 内祝い 出産内祝い 結婚内祝い お返し ギフト。5個セット ジョセフエロール 栃木レザー長財布 ワイン(日本製 ブランド財布)(まとめ買い 賞品 イベント パーティー 記念品 景品 2次会 粗品 プレゼント ノベルティ 内祝い 結婚内祝い 出産 Beginner (Dabi x Reader) shinsouzone: A/N: God do I love writing for this man. Breakthrough Yandere!God. @the-resident-demon (your comments on my stuff give me Dabi (in Japanese: 荼毘, Dabi, translated as Cremation), also known as Blueflame (in Japanese:蒼炎 Sōen), is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. Anonymous said: omg will u write a Dabi X Reader fic on AO3? Answer: that could be possibly! I was thinking of writing fanfics for a bit rather than here rn,,, maybe it’ll help me find ways to improve 😔😔. Cremation (Dabi x reader) Read 37 from the story Bakugo x reader by IvelissHatake (MRS. sememalereader, bnhamales, malereader. Dabi My Hero Academia Bnha Todoroki Shouto Midoriya Izuku Bnha X Reader Bakugo Katsuki Kaminari Denki Shigaraki Tomura Kirishima Ejiro Yaoyozuru Momo Touya Todoroki Ketsueki Rin has spent her whole life with one hand tied behind her back. Comment. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. 3 weeks ago Jul 05, 2020 · (Flirty Dabi x listener)"Pocky Game and cuddles with Dabi" - Duration: 8:52. ” Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader) - Endeavor sucks Read Endeavor sucks from the story Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader) by sleeplessinc (KING) with 25,875 reads. _____ Pairing: Dabi x Reader Summary: Yandere Dabi saves you Request: “ ahh i love your Troublesome ♡♡! Thank you for continuing it!! i'd love to see Dabi more yandere ♡ - Anonymous” Note: I hope Dabi x Reader x Hawks. Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! This community is for those searching for a way to … dabi x hawks x reader - Freeform. Dabi brought up the other males hand to give a light kiss to it which elicited a giggle from him. Let's Talk about Having a New Brother or Sister by Diana Star Helmer. a/n; technically this is a sequel to this fic but also like i feel like u can read this on its own pretty okay. bokunoheroacademia, allforone,   14 Nov 2019 The male watched as Dabi leaned against the wall nearest to the door, eyes unmoving as he caught (Name)'s gaze. " Who is it this week?" (Y/n) asked rolling her eyes sitting her school back down in the floor as she slipped her shoes off. 2) She’s looking for Dabi, who she hasn’t recognized as Touya yet. HelpWire is the ultimate one-stop shop for people of all expertise levels looking for help on all kind of topics -- tech, shopping and more. Mar 10, 2019 · 「CH 2」 I'm Broken Too (Shigaraki x READER x Dabi) 11:33. tw; mentions of rape, kidnapping. The rest of the league knows she’s looking for her brother, but don’t know who she is or who her brother is. Brother!England x Little Sister!Reader . Dabi is Shoto Todoroki's Brother! How Endeavor ‘KILLED’ Toya Todoroki in My Hero Academia THEORY - Duration: 16:59. Hawks Bnha Fanfic Dabi. Instagram: @sweettomura Tomura’s breath escaped his lips in a white cloud, like his spirit was slowly trickling from his body into the frigid night. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. About Randi (Y/n) walked in her shared apartment with her older brother after a long day at UA, to only see him dressing himself for what she could only assume was another date. Alpha Bakugou, Shoto and Dabi x Omega tries to hid their heat @flayvus - “Hi! Are you still doing omegaverse requests? If so how about Omega(reader) is in heat but doesnt want their alpha to know pairing: dabi x innocent!fem! reader. Relationship; Brother! Shoto Todoroki x Reader, Brother! Touya Todoroki/Dabi x Reader  Aug 5, 2019 - Read Rubble from the story Stuck in rubble with the Enemy - Dabi x Male reader by AdnamiButu (Adnami) with 2042 reads Read Chapter 7: Is it Love? from the story My Savior<3 (Dabi x Deku) by Deku_is_my_bby (Laura ❤️) with 4,603 reads. Aizawa: It tastes horrible. You watched as panic swept across the pervert’s face, a small puff of smoke started to come from underneath Dabi’s hand. it had left a scar on him. Like SERIOUSLY. I’m kinda willing to make it a series to expand out the lore. 3 weeks ago 1 day ago · The simpening. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. 2 weeks ago Dabi X Angry Reader Featured Bnha Dabi X Reader Stories. 4m members in the wholesomememes community. In ch. The Dabi, Jiro, and Aizawa’s daughter requests are spot on and Aizawa’s totally made me laugh. Home Tags Mikaelson x brother reader. 82 there is a large panel dedicated to them with Dabi refering to Shouto by his full name, which would seem odd since they just met, unless Dabi was hung up on him for some reason. Office Tools downloads - Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems Incorporated and many more programs are available for instant and free download. SKIN MELTING AHEAD and DEATH. Dabi) & Natsuo is obviously the brother with the white hair. And we can see that were endeavor has flames coming out Dabi has scars of burning Apr 09, 2019 · Every CLUE DABI is SECRETLY Todoroki's Brother Touya Todoroki - My Hero Academia Theory Explained - Duration: 11:24. ) You are the younger sister of Dabi/ Touya and Shoto. bnha, villian, kurogiri. I’m a little busy here-” both you and the man jumped as Dabi suddenly had a strong grip on his shoulder. It definitely is longer than I was expecting but I really enjoyed writing this. You: Nice cup of coffee. Ever since the big fight with All Anime/Manga Fanfiction Sister Twin Reader Mha Touya Blue Flames Child Reader Dabi Bnha Dabi X Reader Dabi Theory In the hospital on the 11th of January 2 babies were born. Big Bro Dabi- (PLATONIC) Dabi x Reader Anonymous: I saw request were opened and i wanted to request a dabi related one. Dabi an Reader fall in love the first time they saw each other when he fight aizawa (trean camp) The next is in ur hands ! Sorry if isn’t really clear … I love ur blog ! Forgiveness - Demon!Dabi X Exorcist!Reader Found this amazing list by @max-villain thank you for the awesome prompts! See Part 1 and Part 2 for reference (though not necessary to have read Dabi x Reader. todoroki, mha, bakugo. It was first published as a novel in 1926, after having been initially serialized in the journal Bangabani. How would y’all feel about a Dabi x Hero!Reader series? Idk I just started a drabble and it’s already close to 1k words and I feel like a slow burn (no pun intended) series would be fun to write. Você também poderá deixar seu Comentário / Favorito estimulando o autor a continuar a História. And I’m just gonna point out the obvious. I waited at the register my hero academia boku no hero academia mha bnha incorrect quotes incorrect bnha quotes incorrect my hero academia quotes incorrect x reader quotes bnha x reader my hero academia x reader Parental Pro Heroes Aizawa Shigaraki Dabi Kendo Monoma League of Villains Fatherly!Aizawa x reader Shigaraki x reader League of Villains x reader Monoma x reader Tomura Shigaraki x F! Reader. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t Dabi : Run fast enough. Yandere Mom X Male Reader Lemon Hawks x Todoroki!Fem!Reader. Request: “Young pro immediately hugs the older pro after a long exhausting battle, mostly because they see the older pro as a parental/brother figure. 10-dic-2018 - tiredCrow14 descrubrió este Pin. Summary: There’s a not-so-unwelcome intruder in your house, and you’re determined to find out just who (or what) he is. Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Cussing, Violence Summary: Is it weak to feel loved for who you are? Tomura Shigaraki has to ask himself this question as he is forced to choose between all the power in the world, or the only person who has ever shown him the love he doesn’t think he deserves. The only problem is the one obstacle in his way. Brooklyn lays on her bed while looking up to the ceiling, recovering from a burned wound that she had received from another fire quirk user. The gods are selfish. The best type of fic involves something where Dabi is with the todoroki family for some reason, and everyone knows he’s Touya except Shouto, but when he sees Dabi there, he doesn’t say anything and just assumes that someone will tell him if Dabi wasn’t Pairing: Au!Dabi x F!Reader About: Finding it hard to make money you accepted the job opening at a cafe. “Yhea me and dabi are gonna share one on the way home. dabi Bakugou x Reader Summary: Being the ‘friendly’ neighborhood spiderman was a lot of responsibility Bakugou intentionally didn’t sign up for. About Randi 1 day ago · Chart: T. You just want to help, you don’t like the fame or the fortune or whatever luxury b Jun 14, 2016 · Can you make Dabi X reader ? Reader’s the sister of Izuku and go to yuei. 🌶️ Not towards you, no, towards the idiot men that would try hitting on you. Receba notificação quando Love on the brain (Dabi x Reader) for atualizada Faça sua conta no Spirit e Adicione na Biblioteca, assim você será avisado quando tiver um novo Capítulo. AN: I’m going with Touya Todoroki for Dabi’s real name, I mean it’s practically all but written in the manga so! He be Touya! His hero name was kinda difficult to come up with, but I chose The Cremating Hero: Blueflame, I was originally gonna keep it as Dabi, but I changed my mind. 7. But it might that Dabi didn’t get the ice quirk but inherited the weak skin from mother. 3 weeks ago Let's Talk about Having a New Brother or Sister by Diana Star Helmer. summary; trading one god for another is like trading poisons; hawks may be sweeter but he’s so much worse. She had (h/c) hair and bushy eyebrows like usual Kirklands, her (e/c) eyes sparkled. Monoma: …almost anything. ” “Yeah. However, after gaining his abilities from a genetically-altered spider, Bakugou must face his reality and learn what it takes to be a hero–even if it gets him more than what he bargained for…and possibly save a cute dumbass along the way. Then the brother with red hair has to have a fire quirk (ie. November 15, 2013 by Randi Leave a Comment. It was the end of the day as I went to my dorm I sprawled out on my bed , " such a simp , " I said fore I was thinking of that beautiful wolf girl who was she ; why must I simp over her than any other girl maybe it's just my humiliation kink talking but maybe that's why I simp for her so hard . Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond Girl has a twin brother So Dabi is Toya Todoroki What To Do {BNHA Dabi X Villain!Reader} - Chapter 1: The Mission Read Chapter 1: The Mission from the story What To Do {BNHA Dabi X Villain!Reader} by sarahisc199 with 3,218 reads. Dabi’s always so torn between how he should- and feels compelled- to act towards (S/o), and how he actually has to act in order to protect the two of them from the world. Hide and Seek {pairing: yandere!dabi x reader} {yandere, death} Sorry this one is shorter! I just wanted to get a small little thing out to establish Yandere Dabi as I plan to write for him some [ghost!dabi x reader] Genre: Fluff. So here it is! Jeff collapsed on the couch, casually flipping his knife up over his head and catching it swiftly. word count; 4. oh my maker. ~~~ You: Here you go, Aizawa, a nice hot cup of coffee. com dan nikmati, video klip Naruto Akatsuki X Reader mp4, lirik lagu Naruto Akatsuki X Reader full terlengkap. After coming across a note you decided to answer back only for it to turn into something more than just friendship. (+18!!) lots of smut and Dabi is possessive and protective so be warned. - Male!Reader x BNHA Males! - Jiro Kyoka has a twin brother that she's sometime protective of and bossy to, despite (Y/n) being slightly older than her and hav Download adobe pdf reader for free. He was charming yet perplex, unordinary you could even say but you were Featured Dabi X Reader Fanfiction. You are 14 years old and in the same class as Shoto. ) Princess // Dabi x Reader One. Even cold baths didn’t help to make the pain go away, although after she was taken bathes, her boyfriend would rub medical lotion on the wound that had been placed on her shoulder and wrap the bandage around the area to avoid infection. Evil Crush X Reader Lemon rise-from-the-ahes-the-phoenix96 said: Hi! I love your writing and I hope you’re getting all the rest that you need! Is it ok if you can write about a strong reader that hates being weak in front of Dabi X Mute Reader X-Wing: The Krytos Trap is the third installment in the X-Wing series of novels, written by Michael A. Dabi) Featured Bnha Dabi X Reader Stories. Dabi takes the time to study you, who he is already quite familiar with. " Natsuo, we plan on being out for a while so don't wait up sweet little sister of mine. com. 0. Add to library 3. He and the rest of his team serve as the primary antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. pairing: dabi x innocent!fem! reader. Hey! Requests are open to feel free to ask! The fem!reader is a Todoroki here! “Mmh… What could Shoto want to buy her? Well, I better wait for him to tell me about this girl. deku, bakugou, anime. (Y/n) was the only one he talked to about his brother, the only one who had as much sleepless nights as him. Reduce customs clearance time by hundreds of hours Talking to reporters, the representative of the Company said that since being one of the first nine enterprises in the country recognized as a priority enterprise (July 19, 2011), Brother Viet Industry Co. He later Deadly Kisses (Shigaraki Tomura x Reader x Dabi) 4 You didn't wait in the bedroom for long until the door creaked open. 0 - The Fool (Yandere! Dabi x Reader) You had no grasp on reality. shinsou x reader shinsou fluff my hero academia shinsou shinsou x you shinsou x y/n shinsou imagine mha shinsou bnha shinsou dabi bnha dabi dabi x reader dabi my hero academia dabi is a todoroki dabi x you shigaraki x reader shigaraki fluff my hero academia shigaraki shigaraki x you shigaraki x y/n kirishima x y/n kirishima x reader kirishima shiragaki tomura bnha tomura mha tomura dabi dabi bnha dabi is a todoroki dabihawks mha dabi dabi x reader dabi x tomura dabi x oc kurogiri twice toga himiko bnha toga bnha himiko 3,940 notes Nov 23rd, 2018 Dabi x reader. The Major - Jasper Hale x Reader. So, am I the only one who got the reference to the theory that Dabi is the brother of Shoto Todoroki? Speaking of Dabi (荼毘 (だび) Dabi), dubbed as Blueflame (蒼炎 Sōen) by Geten, is a major supporting antagonist in the series, a villain affiliated with the League of Villains, and was a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. [September 22, 2017] Bnha X Villain Reader Bnha Girls X Male Reader Lemon, Bnha X Villain Reader Wattpad, Bnha Dabi X Shigaraki, Bnha X Sans Male!Reader, Villain Bakugou X Reader, Hand Villain Bnha, Villain Todoroki X Reader, Villain Deku X Reader, Villain Iida X Reader, Villain Izuku X Reader, Fatgum Bnha X Reader, Bnha X Male Villain Reader, All Might X Villain Reader, Villain Ochako Uraraka Download lagu Naruto Akatsuki X Reader (3. While Arthur was drinking tea, little (name) was up to something and that something is not good,(name) was 11 years old and was just like Alfred, carefree. We don’t know Natsuo’s quirk but if we go based off the assumption that: White hair = ice. Nightmare ; Dabi x Reader. He is affiliated with the League of Villains and the leader of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. sunset. X. The whole three chapters from my deviantart account. It could be HC or a short story its all up to you, but what about the reader kinda of being a little sister to dabi? Dabi and Tomura were very disconnected during their first meeting. Loyalty (Brother!Ben Solo x Reader) Word Count: 366 . Even so, they became comrades after Tomura found his conviction following Royalty AU - Disgraced Prince Dabi x Reader (½) Dabi won the poll by a LANDSLIDE! Hope everybody likes it, this is only part one of two and two is gonna be a little dirty. 🌶️ If a guy looked at you the wrong way, Dabi would get possessive, and violet. “Of course I’m fucking nervous Toga! This That’s My Brother - BSM Dean x Reader Summary: Dean gets taken to the police station for a lock up. word count: 665 . academia boku no hero academia mha bnha incorrect quotes incorrect bnha quotes incorrect my hero academia quotes incorrect x reader quotes Dabi, bursting through the door and out of breath: She pushed me down the f*cking stairs! ~~~ Monoma: I would do anything for you, Y/N. You: Cup of coffee. Congrats. Dabi x reader scenario based on I hate you, I love you by gnash? Oh man, so I hadn’t heard this song before I got this ask, and now I wish I’d remained oblivious because it’s such a great song but it’s also really sad to me. ” the words echoed through your mind, and you could see them echo through Ben’s as Dc x reader Image~ — Brother-In-Law. The nest, however, is the softest Dabi can be. Of course, you weren't oblivious to w Originally posted by shigashimura [Dabi x Single-mom-Reader] Word count: 415 . How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers? Anshay Tomar-July 14, 2020. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. ” 🌶️ Dabi was 100% the jealous type. I gotta say it looks like a mansion most likely, but i still cant believe im transferring at this school where people might be smarter than me and worse… Flames [Dabi X Reader] You could say it was a peaceful life until the League Of Villains had kidnapped you, holding you there against your will. Anime Balls Deep 677,663 views Pairing: Hawks x Reader | Aizawa x Reader | All Might x Reader | Endeavor x Reader. His other hand reaches up to push against his chest, fingers spreading out and flexing. A/n: before I get to the fic, I must say this first. Summary: After the battle of the throne room, your brother, Kylo Ren, asks you to join him, and rule the galaxy together, as brother and sister. Rosen Publishing Group, 1999. ” “Fine. Let me know if you have any requests! ~3k words “No, it can’t Nightmare ; Dabi x Reader. Prompt: Princess (Y/N) was walking through the streets of her kingdom at night, when someone attempted to rob, rape and kill her, however a man came to her rescue and made sure the Princess was alright, she was perfectly fine. You can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy Dabi has the same eye color as Shouto’s left eye and his sister. Warnings: none besides OCC characters (ig)- A/n: I’m so tired, and I still have to do my math HW. and- and the guards too. Disclaimer:A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. Your POV I walked into Dabi's room. what is a hero? what is a villain? how a person becomes one? and are they really that different? being quirkless in a quirk-ruled world left its toll on you, and your opinions became rather radical for someone your age, so you were forced to hide them, bow Jul 08, 2018 · Burn (Dabi x Reader) Add to Favourites. ” “No. Temukan (dan simpan!) pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Artist link. bisexual Arranged - 1 pairing: Todoroki x Fem!Reader warning: angst, alcohol consumption, w/c: 1070 a/n: This is pretty short. He also serves as an antagonist for the Pro Hero Arc. ) I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU ♡ (Shigaraki x Dabi Fluff) By, Yeti Youngblood. Not really worried about the injuries they just needed the comfort of knowing the older pro is okay. The look alone made his  7 Nov 2019 Teaser | Hard Drives | Dabi x Reader Notes: This is the intro/teaser post Kirishima having an older sister is such a fun concept 🥰 I love your  13 Mar 2019 I did include dabi because i like the theory of him being a todoroki)) He looks like a monster and not the older brother she long ago knew. Never did you think that this would ever happen to you. … Bakugou x MidoriyaSister!reader. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] Reunion Dabi x F!Reader So this is my first drabble. Fox VA 36,869 views. 19 Jan 2019 https://society6. 6MB) dan Streaming Kumpulan Lagu Naruto Akatsuki X Reader MP3 Terbaru di Iklagu. Can I have prompt “ I’m pregnant” with either dabi or overhaul please Thankyou 💕 “Are you nervous?” nervous was the understatement of the year right now. Request: Could you by any chance do one where the reader is midoriya’s sister (who is not quirkless) and bakugo asks her out but she says no because she hasn’t forgiven him for all the misery he put her brother through growing upI don’t know if I explained that well sorry . It honestly fucking terrified him. A/N: follows dabi is a todoroki theory because by god if that theory is not true… Warning: contains DEATH and NASTY imagery, so CAUTION. ” she said as she went out, you waved her out “More like he stole my umbrella and is forcing me to share one with him. has made (Let's just say that Dabi is Touya/Toya. " 7. Red hair = fire. 4. Dabi also doubted the League of Villains' allegiance to Stain's ideology. Dabi’s got dark hair. Hato is an older brother So here we are, in this insane situation. Dabi x F. 2k. Up next Dabi) & Natsuo is obviously the brother with the white hair. You want to  1 Sep 2019 (based on the theory that Dabi is Touya) Y/n Todoroki was the twin sister of Shoto , she hated her father. First drawing is a commission I did for @draphrawrites. When her brother Touya planned to  14 Aug 2019 dabi x sibling!reader | la vie en rose [sequel] dabi x reader gender neutral (Y/N) finally meets Touya again, even if the conditions weren't those  Cute sibling hc of Aizawa and the reader aka his little sister who also types of yanderes, like Todoroki could be Manipulative and Dabi could be Possessive. Listen to below. His dark, hungry eyes had watched her from his spot in Hell for centuries, starving for her attention and passion. ARE. Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! This community is for those searching for a way to … Brother P-touch PT-H100 Handheld Label Maker. dabi: literally not 6’0, smells like ball sweat, probably the deadbeat baby daddy to maybe eight kids, deplucked hawks like a roterssisire chicken, has literally m*rdered people us: Sleep [Y!Dabi X Reader X Y!Shoto] Anon asked: hi hi! Can I please get a yandere Shoto and Dabi sharing a darling? Maybe they all live together? Idk it’s up to you! Synopsis: Dabi shows you his more gentler side. 18 Mar 2019 Hey there, can I request some Best Jeanist x Reader where the Reader is a living skeleton. All 3 of them somehow have almost similar eyes and Todoroki’s and Dabi’s eye colour matches. Hawks and Dabi are the only two people who know that 1) Fuyumi is a Todoroki. Word count: ? Summary: Hello! If you have time, I’d like to request Shinsou, Todoroki, Dabi, Aizawa, and Monoma (if you write for them) with a fem crush that snuggles up to them when the heat goes out. 1. Dabi relaxes back, willing his muscles to release their tension at the feel of being to someone’s comeple mercy, of being known completely inside and out. Enji Todoroki, other wise Known as Endeavour, looked at his 2 youngest children. ;) Part two is HERE! Tagging everybody who voted for our favorite scarred hottie! @mymymy-secret-secret. Requests are opened for a few!! Princess and the Peasant (Roy Harper x Reader) {Part 2} Request: Nope. 10 years passed since (F/n) had seen Touya, before he passed away. Browse through and read . A head peeked through, but it wasn't who you were expecting. ” “At least I tried. This eventually caused Tomura to try and attack Dabi who was ready to defend himself but Kurogiri stopped it. His hair style looks similar to young Endeavor’s. Brother P-touch PT-H100 Handheld Label Maker. Dabi) Related: bnha dabi dabi x reader dabi is a todoroki dabi art dabi is touya. 3 weeks ago Featured Dabi X Reader Stories. HATAKE) with 11,889 reads. Pather Dabi (The Right of Way; or Demands of the Road) is a Bengali novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Binh Data source: Brother Industrial Vietnam Co. What To Do {BNHA Dabi X Villain!Reader} - Chapter 1: The Mission Read Chapter 1: The Mission from the story What To Do {BNHA Dabi X Villain!Reader} by sarahisc199 with 3,218 reads. Read Dabi from the story BNHA Males x Seme Male Reader by Demon_Boi with 14,220 reads. (Not match ups!!!) Genre: Fluff. “You-you killed him. Can you come pick them up? Aizawa: Oh my god, you have Y/n. Now don’t get him wrong, he doesn’t really care. Read Vampire! Papyrus x Reader from the story AU Undertale one-shots by DJWinterWolf with 13,746 reads. ” Y/N was making her way to meet with her younger brother, Shoto. artist link. bisexual Pather Dabi (The Right of Way; or Demands of the Road) is a Bengali novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Like they don't need to eat or really do anything but  30 Mar 2019 Prompt; You're Shoto's eldest sibling and Touya's twin. ” It’s simple, you have no desire to be a hero, no matter what your brother even says about it. dabi x brother reader

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